breaks and beats...

i never strived to be a great scene musician in the broad sense of that term. since the beginning, i was rather processing influences from the "outer" world, and my musician rolemodels within the scene were people who tried to do something different than the usual scene-pop, like mortimer twang, ramone and bomb20. i mostly did and do drum'n'bass, jungle and breaks, but also try to explore other types of electronic music. you won't find all tracks i ever did below, but only those which can be considered as "released": compo entries on demoparties, releases done for tracking groups, individual releases i uploaded to scene boards. stuff i did for demos and intros you can find in the "demos" section.


"survey cruise" - .xm - 2nd @ evoke'05 - 28.08.2005

heavyweight nuskool breaks track done in cooperation with gargaj. not much to say about it except "check it out!". thanks to gargajs finetuning and advices it turned out exactly as i wanted it to be, and got honored by a good placing. download

"perpetual anger" - .xm (64k packed) - 2nd @ evoke'05 - 28.08.2005

my goal was to do something completely different than the usual idm & chiptune stuff for the tiny music compo, and i think i succeeded. heavy drum'n'bass stuff with a mighty bassline, especially considering the size. i wish i could do something similar for some 64k intro some day. download

"driving low voltage under an ivory iron curtain" - .mp3 - 7th @ evoke'05 - 28.08.2005

this track is a cooperation with ps, who was staying in my flat for a few weeks and taught me quite something about jeskola buzz. a remix of his ambient track from buenzli 2005, sporting some dark technoid beats. it's my first try in 4/4 stuff since several years, and i enjoyed making it quite a lot, although ps seems less happy with the result than me. expect more stuff like that in the future! download

"throw your hands" - .mp3 - 5th @ buenzli'05 - 21.08.2005

i held this track back for over 2 years because a certain coder promised to do something with it. nuskool breaks á la skol of hard knocks. imho a nice one. download

"moon hazard" - .mp3 - 4th @ marast'05 - 10.04.2005

originally made for a moonhazard dreamcast demo which never got done. released in the mp3 compo on marast demoparty in czech republic. fast psy-drum'n'bass with a weird touch. download


"blood out" - .ogg - 13th @ evoke'04 - 29.08.2004

with this track, i have the feeling that i've reached the matters of sound i've been striving for since i started making music in 1997. this is ultra-aggressive junglistic mashup with capleton vocals, growling bass and amen breaks gone wild, probably comparable with what soundmurderer&sk-1 have been bringing out in the last years, only with a touch of an acid synth to it. this track had some kind of odyssey behind it. although it had solid mastering by paniq, it did not pass the preselection on breakpoint. then it failed to get played on symphony in poland, and although the organizers were bringing up excuses like they forgot to play it, i rather think they were not up to that track as polish demoscene is even more into mainstreamish music than the german one. finally it got played on evoke, and even if it ranked really low, seeing it shaking the speakers in the partyhall was one of the greatest experiences for me in 2004. download


"foundation sound" - .mp3 - 6th @ tum'03 - 29.12.2003

yeah. absolutely. if people ask me what kind of music i do, i show them this track. here i dropped the techstep monotony and got back to junglistic amen break playarounds, spiced up with various reggae "foundation" sample material from clashtapes and deejay tunes. put together with lot of effort and lot of love. download

"jah no dead" - .xm (4ch) - 6th @ tum'03 - 29.12.2003

tribes of isachar style ragga jungle as i wanted it to be. staccato drums, pounding deep bass and haunting vocals by burning spear from his '74 "rockers" appearance. it was very painful to see it losing against chiptunes. download

"his imperial majesty" - .xm - 6th @ evoke'03 - 08.2003

another jump-up jungle track persuing the congo natty direction, but being kinda too wooden to be really kicking. at least there are some conscious ragga samples. download

"pumping iron" - .xm (4ch) - 8th @ evoke'03 - 08.2003

stomping breaks. i had the oh-so-bright idea to underlay the whole thing with porn samples, which didn't add any extra originality to the tune. without them it's quite decent though. download

"talking silence" - .mp3 - 9th @ evoke'03 - 08.2003

some kind of electrobreaks with vocoder voice. i'm quite comfortable with this one. download

"the virus remix" - .mp3 - 10th @ buenzli'03 - 08.2003

lenghty excursion into nuskool breaks. heavily inspired by ed solo, skool of hard knocks and the likes. based on the vocals of mutiny's "the virus". there are quite some mixing and mastering flaws but all in all this is how i wanted this track to be. download


"ready when you ready" - .xm - 1st @ tum'02 - 29.12.2002

congonatty-ish jungle track made in cooperation with the norwegian jungle dj and ex-scene musician psychofreud (who is nowadays signed on knowledge&wisdom). it was great to have this cooperation, which inspired me to go more into that musical direction. and winning the compo with a ragga jungle tune against all scene taste was a nice side effect. :) download

"dirty nuskool ameega funk" - .mod - 1st @ tum'02 - 29.12.2002

too much stuff in this one altogether. could have gone well without the guitar riffs. however, it won, probably due to its extreme bass. breakish piece between nuskool breaks and old b-boy funk. download

"one time" - .ogg - 10th @ evoke'02 - 08.2002

my second major try in uk garage, and this time actually a good one, if only i wouldnt have taken the washed up cutty ranks vocals and pitched them to mickey mouse height. i wish i still had the original buzz file to make a decent remake of this one, since i'm pretty comfortable with the instrumental arrangement. heavily inspired by trick or treat. download

"flex dutty" - .mp3 - 18th @ m^s'02 - 04.2002

one of my first tries with jeskola buzz, and also my first pitiful try in uk garage, featuring some awfully pitched capleton lyrics. switching from fasttracker to buzz was a major drawback at first, and i'm by no means surprised that this track didn't pass the preselection. download


"cold tragedy" - .xm - 2nd @ dialogos'01 - 02.11.2001

my favorite dnb tune from my tracking era. this tune was kinda the peak of what i did using fasttracker. dramatic athmospheric straight forward drum and bass. download

"31 seconds" - .mod - 2nd @ dialogos'01 - 02.11.2001

hardcore techstep tune for the last dialogos to be held. very basic but straight forward and with some driving bassline. download

"industries ep" (bmhifi 002) - 2x .xm - 24.08.2001

concept ep for black maiden hifi. in this one i did my first turn toward techstep dnb, realizing the signs of the time. track 1 is rather cheap with its flute loops, but i'm quite proud of the b-side with it aggressive drive. mi'd be happy to do a track like this nowadays... download

"permanent marker" (bohema rec. 127) - .xm - 10th @ m^s'01 - 28.04.2001

i managed to score 10th place with this one without even getting played - a thing that doesn't happen that often. the mekka&symposium organizers put all non-selected entries on ftp to listen for the party attenders and apparently my track could convince the one or the other. i'm quite happy with this dnb track, although it's still caught within the by-then outdated premises of mid-90s "intelligent" drum'n'bass. the cover is done by azzaro/madwizards. download

"nocturnal voyage ep" (bohema rec. 105) - 3x .xm - 09.01.2001

i teamed up with bohema records, a polish-based tracking group releasing very nice electronic music. this was my first release, and i don't remember putting as much effort in anything i did for the scene as in this one. i was working on this concept ep several months, digging through old vinyl crates (as you can see in the sample credit textfile), trying out several versions, getting this great cover from pandur. when i finally released this one, the feedback was rather devastating - noone really digged this stuff. still nowadays i think that this 3-tracker, ranging from triphopish beats over experimental dnb to some weirdo electronics is probably the best thing i managed to create, with as much impact from me as possible. and i also know that i would be not able to recreate it again. download


"nightmares on mod" - .mod - 6th@ dialogos'00 - 04.11.2000

now this was quite some effort, cutting all those led zeppelin and beenie man samples. the result seems quite nightmare-ish though indeed after the years. weird wannabe-junglistic stuff. download

"vittu perkele" - .mod - 1st @ evoke'00 - 20.08.2000

i still can't really explain why i got 1st with that tune. the amen breaks are rather wooden, the whole arrangement is crappy. it can't be the finnish name bonus since there were like 3 finns at the party. dunno. anyway, i was damn proud for winning a compo for the first time in my life, and that with a noticeable distance from 2nd place (sorry guido!) :) download


"dirty cuts" - .mod - 10th @ evoke'99 - 21.08.1999

in 1999 i hardly made any music for the scene. i started doing hiphop beats with quite some ambitions, only to discover one year and over 200 tracks later that my lacking knowledge of modern sound software is getting me nowhere. the "scenish" result of all those tried can be seen in this contribution to evoke'99 which got quite some positive feedback. download


"dondi r.i.p." - .xm - 24.11.1998

made and released under impression of the death of dondi/cia, one of the greatest graff writers of all times. i doubt i did justice to this great man with this tiny track though. anyway, some oldschoolish hiphop beats. download

"intergalactic remix" - .mod - 6th @ evoke'98 - 12.09.1998

remix of the beastie boys' "intergalactic" song. i got a pirated copy of it on cassette tape on the black market in riga during my holidays, grabbed the vocal passages and remixed it. turned out quite okay, although i can't really see the "oldschool electro" touch i was claiming back then. download

"rays of sun" - .xm - not selected @ evoke'98 - 12.09.1998

my first somehow decent dnb tune. heavily inspired by photek and whatnot. i can clearly see why it didn't get preselected, but still i'm somehow proud of it. the crappy vocal sample is recorded by myself btw. download

"trübe gedanken ep" - 2x .mod - 02.07.1998

first released tries on 4ch mod chiptunes. quite horrible, but... well... youth sins. download

"funky invasion" - .xm - 07.04.1998

my first release after i switched to fasttracker. and probably the first one that's somehow listenable. download

"chippie bond" - .dmf - 24.01.1998

horrible. don't even download...


"konsumopfer" - .dmf - 16.09.1997

i didn't manage to get it to run with xtracker winamp plugin so don't even have an idea what the hell it is. download

"tribute to dog eat dog" - .dmf - 9th @ neithernor'97 - 06.09.1997

my very first apearance as a musician. i'm everything else than proud of it. plus, i fucked up some speed commands, so it sounds wrong anyway. dont even bother listening. download