"get a dizzie vol. 3" - aerosol - 15.03.2005

my newest colly. small but fine. done in poland. many file_id's for various groups. maybe yours? download and see. download


"live in latvija 2" - aerosol - 01.10.2004

i was visiting raver/pht in riga in the autumn. and since the weather was shitty and raver was very busy, i did a colly... whole 6 years after i did my 3rd colly ever in the same lovely country. download

"stop that train" - aerosol - 15.08.2004

during 2002-2003 i had the crazy plan to open up a bbs. in the 21st century. and call it "stop that train", in commemoration to the great scotty tune, as well as a try to stop the train of time. well... at some point i kinda realized that it would be rather pointless. but what to do with all the nice ad logos i collected? go and release a colly with that title. download


"koureni vazne poskozuje zdravi" (/w zito) - 1oo% - 29.09.2003

i have no idea why the czech title. i don't have much idea about the whole colly. i just gave zito my logos and let him do whatever he wants. download

"easter eggs" - black maiden - 17.04.2003

a few days before the first breakpoint, i've done this one to support the pc demoscene with a few logos. too bad most of them didn't get used at all, but a few are still floating around in vertain groups' release-packages. anyway it was fun to spread the collie around on bp with custom-printed floppies. download

"pitch the bitch" - aerosol - 09.03.2003

my debut colly for aerosol. been quite proud of it. yeah... download

"klockwerk" (/w potzkoten) - black maiden - 02.01.2003

one of my favorite coops i've ever done. potzkoten just rules. too bad i haven't seen any asciis of him ever since. download


"back to bbs" (/w various) - 1oo% - 03.2002 (mekka^symposium)

no, 2002 wasn't my ascii year at all... all i managed to do was to donate some logos for a mekka partycolly with miracle, zito, cru and hawkwind. some sort of oldschool bbs design colection or something. download


"blazing" - dream theatre - 04.09.2001

big huge collection with mature styles and nice guestlogos. probably i wouldn't put that lyrics inside a collection again, but all in all this is one of those with which i'm most content. download

"el ultimo ska" (/w d0n) - 1oo% - 26.08.2001

that was fun to make. d0n came to visit me, we got pizza (and d0n had a hard time to explain that he wants a vegan! one) and lambrusco, played turrican, and made this joint together. one of those where the fun making it equals to the watching pleasure. at least for me. download


"live @ evoke00" (/w ave, lord chaos & zaner) - dream theatre - 20.08.2000

evoke 2000 rocked big time, so this colly does too. chillin' and drawing/writing something with friends from time to time. good capture of the party mood. featuring some guest words by teis/spaceballs too. download

"titbits" - dream theatre - 11.08.2000

this is done... at a private lan party! i hooked up with some schoolmates to play some network games for a whole week with enough beer supply, but i got bored pretty quick, so i simply started to draw. mind their puzzled faces... download

"we are family" - dream theatre - 16.06.2000

mekka^symposium 2000 partyreport and logos which i did at the partyplace. released only in june because i was quite busy with school. reading the texts, i really wonder what weird perception of demoparties i had back then. download

"global village 2" - dream theatre - xx.02.2000

first collection of dream theatre and also first one i did on a real amiga. so, a memorable colly all in all. yay. download


"message in a bottle" - 1oo% - 13.12.1999

includes logos for snailmailswapping purposes and a file_id.diz bonuspart. kempy wrote to me in a swappingletter back then: "10x for "message in the botle" (title is really good i like it) colly, i guess that move from Your side caused many confusions in heads of Your net/irc-oriented friens, am i wrong? I'm spreading this piece of ascii through my contacts and it's more than sure somebody will it use someday. Good work. Waiting for more." too bad even the polish mailswapping community was semi-dead already. download

"global village 1" - arcade - 11.10.1999

this one was a breakthrough for me... in this one, for the first time i used the style which you can still see me developing nowadays. cool quotes, angry preface... and angry for a reason. this was the last production of arcade, the group with many talents which just broke up due to lazyness. download

"live @ evoke99" (/w ave & lord chaos) - arcade&bm - xx.08.1999

evoke 1999 partycolly. this was the first time i met lord chaos who taught me quite smth about ascii and music and things. features lyrics by xxx & acryl of haujobb :) download

"straight up" - arcade - 08.08.1999

loads of file_id logos done in a "straight", 2fast-esque style. all over the years i thought this style has been a failure, but now while i look on it, i think it would be worth doing smth like that again one day. download

"fuck doublespace" - arcade - 23.07.1999

due to fragmenting and doublespace i lost ALL my hd data. i remember i was so desperate... 2 years of asciis, modules, contact infos, everything gone. huge thanks to mool for helping me out so much back then! and well, nowadays geeks go onto irc to whine about stuff like that - i released a colly the next day. download

"just for friends" - 1oo% - 20.06.1999

pretty pointless colly with only a few logos for 1oo% members. just had to show that i haven't forgot the group. download

"how to design a colly" - arcade - 24.05.1999

even more pointless colly with colly design logos for other ascii makers. really dunno why i had to release this one. download

"german boards" - arcade - 02.05.1999

addies for all active german boards at that time. not much anymore, but still. ahhh... TEH times! download

"get a dizzie vol. 2" - arcade - 02.05.1999

many many file_id's. some got used. some didn't. nothing to rave about. download

"just a lifesign" - arcade - 24.02.1999

a lifesign after few weeks of "inactivity". now that was a lively asciiscene! this colly is memorable for me since it has a more-or-less decent style for the first time. forget the shit before that. download

"some shitty requests" - arcade - 07.02.1999

some shitty requests. indeed. download

"get a dizzie vol. 1" - arcade - xx.02.1999

first one of the get a dizzie series. i was pretty proud to see some of those floating through the filelisters of the boards... download

"respect to the fullest" - die kranken bomber - xx.01.1999

my last colly for dkb. joined arcade after that. download


"black sunday" (/w zaner) - pure phun - 13.12.1998

yeah, that was a nice co-op. back then, zaner and me used to live only a few streets from eachother, and i used to hang out quite a lot at his place. i remember we were using some very weird linux ansi prog to do this one. pure phun was a 2-colly group founded by crazy (ex-artcore) and us two. download

"natty dread" - die kranken bomber - xx.11.1998

did this after buying some bob marley lps at the local freamarket. download

"the rebirth" - 1oo% - xx.11.1998

until today i really wonder how the hell neurodancer let me join 1oo% with such a lame style. and i am really thankful to him - for this, for the good chats, for the kickstart chip, for everything! download

"live in latvija" - die kranken bomber - 05.08.1998

done this one on family vacation in latvia. too bad i haven't known raver back then, i guess the vacation would have turned out far more cool. download

"spring awakening" - die kranken bomber - 30.05.1998

my first amiga style ascii colly. horrible shit. but since i don't like to hide "historical" material, however irrelevant it might be, here you go. the title is due to "frühlings erwachen" by frank wedekind boosting some teenage fantasies. download

"style in $" - die kranken bomber - 27.03.1998

i was doing some bretty basic $-style stuff in pc packs for a while, then i got to know zaner and got interested in that amiga stuff. but i still wasn't ready to draw amiga style. so i convinced zaner to let me release a $ colly under his group, die kranken bomber. well, pretty basic stuff... download